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  • Salvatore Ferragamo’s Salvatore Lady Timepiece

    by Kyle O.
    July 22, 2009

    The high fashion brand Salvatore Ferragamo which recently made its official entrance into the luxury watch industry by partnering with Timex and introducing a list of watches for their Salvatore Ferragamo Timespieces collection including the  Salvatore Men’s watch, is now making plans to also release a Salvatore Lady timepiece pictured above. This being Ferragamo’s first set of watches they are trying to set the tone and show that they can stomp with the other high-end brands in terms of watch design. The Salvatore Lady watch features 30 diamonds on the face and 136 on the stainless steel case including diamond encrusted hour markers and a vibrant blue alligator strap. The Salvatore Ferragamo Timespieces collection is priced from $1,600 to $78,000.

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    Salvatore Ferragamo Mens Watch

    Check out a video of Salvatore Ferragamo Timepieces Launch below

  • Upscale: Vintage 1945 Girard-Perreguax Watch Collection

    by Kyle O.
    February 1, 2009


    King Size Chrono GMT 25975.0.52.1051 ($23,554.87)

    “Watches For The Few Since 1791” This quote by Swiss watchmakers, Girard-Perregaux, sums it up right there for you because only the “few” will ever have an opportunity to slap one of these luxury time pieces around their wrist. The rest will only be allowed to spectate online or a catch glimpse on television. Although all Girard-Perregaux watches present elegance to the highest degree, only one collection truly takes the cake and that is the Vintage 1945 Girard-Perregaux collection. These bad boys if I must say are breathtaking.


    Lady 25900.0.52.117 ($4,329.00)

    Designed in 1945 with a rectangular contour and sapphire crystals in a period when watch making was in the mists of a reprise. The 1945 model created motivation to design a modern replica in 1995 entitled the ” Vintage 1945″ which has since then become the front face of the brand. There are several variations of the Vintage 1945 time piece available for men and women ranging in prices from $5,000 to $25,000. Remember these are not for everyone, only a few, but I can assure you, having one of these draped around your wrist will surely set the tone for any outfit.


    XXL Chrono 25840.0.52.1151 ($23,936.84)


    Lady Date 25932.0.11.106 ($6,111.53)


    Grande Date Phases de Lune 25800.0.51.117 ($17,188.69)


    King Size 25830.0.11.1151 ($6,493.50)

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