There Will Be Tears

  • Video: Mr. Hudson- There Will Be Tears

    by Kyle O.
    April 10, 2009


    Mr. Hudson has just released a video for his latest single “There Will be Tears” for his yet to be title album. It was directed by Nabil Elderkin the same person who did Kanye’s “Welcome to Heartbreak” video. Crazy video but that’s always expected coming from the Kanye West G.O.O.D. music camp.



    Check Out the Video Below

  • Introducing Mr. Hudson

    by Kyle O.
    January 7, 2009


    Who is Mr. Hudson? Well he’s  a talented singer,songwriter, beatmaker from the UK who was the lead singer in the band Mr. Hudson & The Library. He worked on and inspired Kanye West’s latest album ‘808’s & Heartbreaks’ and is also the owner of two of my favorite songs right now, ” There Will Be Tears” and “Picture of You”. There is something about his sound that is so unique and refreshing to hear. He calls his music “English R&B” because its Hip Hop inspired. When he was asked what does he think MC’s and songwriters need to do to improve on their craft he responded back “you should read books, listen to Radio 4, learn new words. There’s too much monosyllabic ‘don’t go, I can’t stay’ songwriting. An active vocabulary is crucial.” And he’s so right. Look out for Mr. Hudson in 09′ don’t say I never told you.

    Check Out Mr. Hudson’s-“Pictures of You” video Below