The Sartorialist

  • Interesting Reading: The Sartorialist, the Rising Man of Style

    by Kyle O.
    September 23, 2009

    If you weren’t aware then let me give you a quick summary of the buzz that’s been circling around one of the latest American fashion sensations. The entire fashion world has been taken by storm all because of a once unknown New York fashion photographer turned photo blogger that goes by the name of Scott Schuman or more widely The Sartorialist.  Scott The Sartorialist started out taking his favorite street photos and putting them on his blog which has since become very popular making him one of the most influential bloggers of our time. His influence has stretched much further then the Internet making its way onto the runways even grabbing the attention of & GQ. The Sartorialist is becoming a more recognizable figure where almost anywhere he goes in the world people migrate towards him in hopes of having their picture taken and  put on his blog. Earlier this summer he released his first book containing a collection of his street photos from around the world.

    The Sartorialist recently shared his autumn wardrobe tips with  GQ UK Magazine for the October Issue and then caught up with them again for a short sit & talk while he was in town for the London Fashion Week.  Both of which shed some light on his fashion perspective revealing some interesting advice that I’m sure many will find very useful.

    So if you’re all about acquiring knowledge check out the tips, interview and some videos below

    The Sartorialist’s Autumn Wardrobe Recommendations:

    Edward Green Chelsea boots

    Edward Green Chelsea boots £635 ($1043)

    “My girlfriend bought me a great pair. Am I difficult to buy for? No one buys clothes for me unless I’m there!”

    Apc Jeans

    APC jeans £95 ( about $157)

    “People make the mistake of buying a lot of jeans. You just need one pair that fit well and look really good.”