• Haute Beats: Beats by Dre And Fendi Team Up For Luxury Headphones

    by P.
    January 11, 2016

    In case you’ve been itching to stunt in something truly luxurious, Beats by Dre has ended your search. They recently collaborated with famed fashion house Fendi on a set of couture-level headphones ($1,200). The headphones come in four colors and are sure to step up your headphone game from basic to ballin.

  • Celebrity Influence: Imagining Personalized Apps for Ballers and Rhymers

    by P.
    December 19, 2015

    Being a celebrity is big business, but not one that most are able to fully capitalize on. In order to find out information about your favorite celebrity you have to search, hunt, and dig across a variety of platforms and media. A new crop of ambitious entertainment entrepreneurs, like the Kardashian family and Tyler the Creator, are changing the game with personalized apps. With the rise of these self branded apps it raises the question: What would these apps look like applied to athletes and more rappers?

  • Hyped Tech Wars: Google’s Nexus One vs Apple’s iPhone 3GS

    by Kyle O.
    January 5, 2010

    The mobile touchscreen wars are heating up, Google has finally introduced their official iPhone 3GS answer, dubbed the Nexus One. Although there have been many challengers, the iPhone continues to stand uncontested. Coming off of last years Motorola Droid release, Google partnered with HTC to bring their latest and greatest for the new year.

    So how does the Nexus One measure up to the iPhone? Well it’s been said by early reviewers that Google’s new phone isn’t a “iPhone Killer” but a Droid killer, due to the slower speed, which trails behind the iPhone 3GS yet trumps the Droid. The Nexus One, which lacks a hard keyboard, boasts a 3.7 inch AMOLED display, 1GHZ Snapdragon processor, 5 mega pixel camera with LED flash and all the other good stuff required for relevance in a very competitive smartphone market. The hardware, provided by HTC, was well done with a display slightly bigger then the iPhone, but overall it still doesn’t compare with the iPhone’s sleek design. The new Android 2.1 software makes its debut on the Nexus One bringing needed improvements, however, like other Android devices, it also lacks multi-touch support, a feature present on the iPhone.

    The Nexus One is available right now with a 2 year contract for $179 or off contract/unlocked for $529 via: T-Mobile. Also the phone is expected to be available through Verizon later this year. Google’s new phone may not be an “iPhone Killer”, but it certainly has the design & specs to grab the attention of iPhone enthusiast. As of right now, the iPhone 3GS is still the undisputed champion but it’s still too earlier to call this round. So I ask, which phone do you think will come up on top Google’s new Nexus One or Apple’s popular iPhone 3GS?

    Check out Google’s Nexus One in the video below