Swarovski crystals

  • Rolls-Royce 1962 Sliver Cloud II Covered in Swarovski Crystals

    by Kyle O.
    July 25, 2012

    The 1962 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II model has received a swarovski crystal makeover, and will be auctioned next month for the “Help in Motion” charity foundation to help drug addicts. After jeweler Edgar M spent 3 years covering the iconic car with millions of finely cut swarovski crystals, the dazzling luxury vehicle was put on display at the Four Seasons Hotel in Munich, Germany earlier this month. Although the price hasn’t been revealed, you can rest assured that the auction will only be attended by individuals with extremely large amounts in their bank accounts. Watch videos and see more pics below.

  • CrystalRoc Swarovski Crystals Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones

    by Kyle O.
    August 25, 2010

    It started off with just a few, and now almost everyone who keeps up with the trends owns a pair of the popular Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Now you can do them all one better, thanks to CrystalRoc and their exclusive Swarovski crystals encrusted Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. These black headphones are covered in over 4320 precious Swarovski crystal stones, and if black with crystals isn’t your thing, CrystalRoc has chrome and gold plated models planned for the near future. Currently there’s no word on the price, but just know it’s going to be up there.

  • Swarovski x Adidas Jeremy Scott Wing Crystal Sneakers

    by Kyle O.
    December 8, 2009


    Collete continues the exclusive White Crystal Christmas exhibition with a pair of limited edition Swarovski x Adidas Jeremy Scott Wing Crystal sneakers ($3,697). These Adidas Jeremy Scott Wing sneakers feature leather completely covered with Swarvoski crystals. Collete’s White Crystal Christmas collection will be available from December 7th to January 2nd, but these kicks won’t be around very long. Although the Adidas Crystal winged sneakers are a major investment, one things for sure, with these shoes you’ll be the main attraction anywhere you go.


  • Limited Edition Crystal Embedded Alain Mikli “Shutter Shades”

    by Kyle O.
    March 25, 2009


    Alain Mikli, the brand known for creating the “Shutter Shades” that Kanye West used in his “Stronger” video which has now become one of his trademark looks, is now releasing limited edition black stripe Kanye West Eyewear Accessory shades embedded with crystal stones and 500 swarovski crystals. These shades will be highly exclusive with a $470.96 price tag and  are set to be released at the Alain Mikli store in Hong Kong.



  • The Gold Aurumania Bike: The Most Expensive Bicycle on the Planet

    by Kyle O.
    March 4, 2009


    Let me start off by saying that this is not your ordinary bicycle. Covered with  24 carat gold with 600 Swarovski crystals embedded, this exclusive bike can only be described as one of a kind. This handmade golden bike was constructed by Aurumania and includes a Brooks leather seat with leather handles.


    Just so you know, these are limited edition and  only 10 will be available to the world. To add on to its exclusivity an untold number of bikes will have a secretly embossed leaf with a leather badge. This gold plated bicycle is listed at a price of $102,418 but if that’s to much for you Aurumania has built 50 bikes without the Swarovski crystals for $26,791 . But I say why sell yourself short, you might as well go for the gold.




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  • Exclusive Adidas 60th Anniversary Diamond Encrusted Superstars

    by Kyle O.
    February 21, 2009


    Adidas is celebrating their 60th anniversary  by releasing an exclusive pair of the popular Superstars embedded with diamonds and Swarovski crystals. The shoe is made of leather with Swarovski crystals encrusted on the front Adidas logo ornament which can also be worn around the neck, the lace locks, and the end of the laces. The diamonds appear on the sides between the 3 black stripes.


    Each pair of the Diamond Superstars comes in a black box with a velvet bag and an Adidas T-shirt embedded with 409 more Swarovski crystals. These are listed with $649.35 price tag and they are available in limited quantities. So if your interested you might wanna get a move on it.


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