Stuart Hughes

  • $3.2 Million iPhone 3GS Supreme is the Most Expensive Phone on the Planet

    by Kyle O.
    November 29, 2009

    This $3.2 million iPhone 3GS Supreme, which is being described as the most expensive phone on the planet, was created by Stuart Hughes for an anonymous Australian businessman. Although it took 10 months to complete, you may be wondering what kind of magic this iPhone 3GS possesses for it to have a $3.2 million price tag. The phone features 271 grams of 22ct solid yellow gold, 68ct of 168 F-color diamonds, a solid gold Apple logo adorned with 53 1ct diamonds, and a single 7.1 ct diamond home button. Also, the Supreme is packaged in a 7kg Kashmir gold granite chest box, which is lined with Nubuck top grain leather. Apple’s iPhone has grown in popularity to become one of the most sought after phones of our time, so I’m not surprised the filthy rich are making customized request to fit their upscale lifestyle.

  • Diamond Encrusted Gucci Belt is the Most Expensive Belt on the Planet

    by Kyle O.
    October 8, 2009


    Stuart Hughes from Goldstriker International has a reputation of taking ordinary items and turning them into luxurious limited edition pieces.  Stuart’s latest endeavor involves a diamond encrusted Gucci belt which is being described as the most expensive belt on the planet. This belt features a platinum double G Gucci logo buckle embedded with 30 carats of  diamonds. Although you may not be able to own this diamond encrusted Gucci belt due to its $250,000 price, at least you’ll know what the most expensive belt in the world looks like.(Source 1)