Stirling Moss

  • Never Gonna Get It: 2009 Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR Stirling Moss

    by Kyle O.
    January 5, 2009

    In the mist of a global economic recession, companies all over the world are either merging, selling, or shutting down completely. But some companies are standing tall and doing what they do best- release uncanny luxury sports vehicles. Mercedes Benz is finally unveiling their new SLR the highly anticipated 2009 Mclaren SLR Stirling Moss. This seductively exotic SLR was designed in cooperation with Mclaren and was named after the legendary driver Stirling Moss.

    STOP! At this point I think its only right that I call for everyone to stop reading entirely because unless you use $100,000 checks to wipe your mouth at the dinner table there’s no reason to continue onward because this cars just too expensive. Your only chance of seeing this car is on TV or reading about online just as your doing now. Even if you are rich it’s pointless reading any further because the 2009 Mclaren Benz will be limited edition; only a total of 75 will be built worldwide.

    This sleek gorgeous work of art is topless with V8 650 horse power,  a retractable air-brake, and a 5 speed automatic transmission that enables the driver to max out at 216mph. The 2009 Mclaren SLR will debut this month at the Detroit Auto Show, the funny thing about this is- out of the 75 that are being built none will be allowed in North American market even though the car will be introduced publicly in North America. This makes this vehicle even more exclusive, the auto crisis in the United States must have angered foreign companies and they are punishing us by teasing.

    So  if you earn an average salary or even above average salary and live in North America I suggest you forget you ever heard about the 09 SLR. Because unless you trip, fall in a undiscovered oil well, and move to Europe-sorry to say this but you are NEVER GONNA GET THIS CAR. Price tag: $1,050,000

    But if you are wealthy and live outside of North America, Check out this Video and more pics below.