• HouseBoat, A House That Floats On Water

    by Kyle O.
    February 9, 2009


    Have you ever dreamed of having a luxury house that’s not constrained by land but free like the sea? Well now that dream can actually come true with X-Architects’ houseboat, which  merges the warm elegance of a modern home and the graceful sailings of a cruise ship satisfying the unquenchable desire for scenery and adventure. X-Architects worked hand in hand with interior decorator architect and design consultant from Squisito, Leen Vandaele in order to construct this floating masterpiece.


    This houseboat is 65.62 feet by 21.98 feet made up of stainless steel and glass stabilized with two catamaran beams. The upper deck contains living and dining room areas along with a discrete kitchen while bedrooms, bathrooms and the steering cabin remain on the lower deck. The interior of the boathouse contains large windows enabling a great view of the horizon, a spiraling staircase, and a clean white design that complements the exterior of the house. Although the houseboat is located in Dubai Marina, Dubai I  can assure you that having a house like this will surely separate you from the rest, literally and will easily impress the ladies (Chic Magnet Alert!). Plus you won’t even have to worry about annoying neighbors anymore because you live in the sea.



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