• Sony PSP GO

    by Kyle O.
    June 2, 2009


    Sony has just announced that they will be releasing a brand new PSP dubbed the “Go” which will no longer load games over the Playstation Network or through the Memory Stick Slot completely without the UMD  drive. The PSP Go is a slider gaming device that will feature 16 GB storage capacity, 64MB memory, 333 MHz CPU, 3.8 inch LCD display, built-in stereo speakers & microphone, analog video out, bluetooth 2.0+EDR, 802.11b WiFi, and USB 2.0 support. The Go has also been said to be much smaller and lighter than the original PSP. Sony has stated that they are not getting rid of UMD games and that new titles will be released in the new and old formats. The PSP GO will be priced at $249 and hit stores on October 1 in North America & Europe and November 1 in Japan. What do ya’ll think, was this what you expected the new PSP to look like?



    Check out the PSP Go in the video below