• Fly Musik: “So Fly” Video by Slim feat. Shawty Lo & Young Joc

    by Kyle O.
    August 1, 2008

    What can I say people, Slim is officially BACK!! and might I add with a hot track that is definitely gonna blow up in the next couple of days. You can take this to the bank and cash it. Not only does this video embody an upscale style of living, Slim’s approach to the track has a nice smooth swagger to it. His Voice rides on the beat so effortlessly and  puts one in a mellow mood. From the fly pad/condo with the amazing view,  nice clothes, to the expensive ride, this video shows the life of the privileged and makes you want to strive harder to live comfortably. I believe a valuable lesson should be learned from this video. You have to stay fly, fresh and on-point 24/7 because you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Little things like smelling good, being clean cut, and dressed presentably goes a long way. Slim was part of 112, which was one  of the biggest male R&B groups of our time in my opinion and they successfully sold over 25 million records and I guess is now venturing on his own path to make a name for himself. Does this mean there will be no more 112 albums….? I hope not, but I’m definitely happy for Slim and I wish him much success.  See the “So Fly” video and also watch another video of Slim laying  down the track