• Upscale Protection: Grenade and Bullet Proof Mercedes Benz E-Guard

    by Kyle O.
    February 11, 2009


    Mercedes Benz is introducing the E-Guard, which is an armored spin-off of their new 2010 E Class sedan. The E-Guard comes equipped with a highly protective steel and aramide body shell along with a  impermeable polycarbonate glaze covering.  This extra reinforcement will prevent gunfire at speeds of 440 m/s such as a .44 magnum from penetrating the vehicle and with additional protective armor included, the E-Guard can even withstand a grenade explosion. Also the E-Guard can be fitted with an intercom communication unit so that the driver can speak with those on the outside and give commands like-“Back Off! Coming Through!”  Plus the Mercedes E-Guard looks exactly like the E-Class so the enemy will never know they’re weapons have little to no chance of making it through.


    I really think this a good idea, many people want to ride their  luxury cars around but they’re worried because either they live in a bad neighborhood  or they have to drive through the wrong side of town to get to work. But now you can drive your Benz through the most criminal neighborhoods or even a war zone not having to worry the slightest bit. The armored E-Guard will be available in April starting at $58,000 and might I add this is a good choice if you’re planning on taking a job in Iraq.