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  • Exclusive Prince Opus iPod Touch. Is this an Apology?

    by Kyle O.
    April 15, 2009


    If you haven’t heard, well the legendary Prince, who is 50 yrs old going on 51, isn’t really down with the whole Youtube, Myspace, file sharing internet culture, where his loyal fans get to watch his old video performances or listen to his music online for free. So because of this he filed a lawsuit against Youtube demanding that they remove all his music which in turn angered his fan following. Well it seems as though Prince may be apologizing because he is releasing a limited edition iPod Touch entitled: ‘The Prince Opus iPod’.


    The purple Prince Pod includes a 40 minute movie of the 2007 ’21 Nights’ concert in London’s O2 Arena as well as 15 bonus tracks from his “Indigo Nights” live album. Plus, the Prince Touch features video testimonials from Diddy, Elton John, Naomi Campbell, Matt Damon and many of his fans as well as behind the scenes footage with twins, Mandy and Maya Mclean. Prince is also throwing in a 280+ photograph book  of himself at the 21 Nights concert which was published by Kraken Opus with photos shot by Randee St. Nicholas.


    Purple diamond encrusted “Prince Love symbol” emblem

    However there is a catch to this apology, you have to pay $2,100 to get 1 of the 950 that will be available to the world. But there’s more, when all 950 Prince Opuses are sold, a prize drawing of those who bought one will take place and the the winner will receive a check for £21,000 (about $31,498). But there’s even more, later this year Prince is planning to auction off the ‘Number One Edition’ which is a handcrafted purple alligator Prince Opus book with a detachable 7.77ct purple diamond encrusted Prince Love symbol emblem which can be worn as a pendent. The auction winner will get a private Prince performance in LA and will be able to invite up to 50 guests. Ok that’s not bad but what about the “not allowing your fans to watch or listen to your music online” issue; that’s more important.

    No release date or iPod specs have been mentioned as of yet but just rest assured that it’s going to take a little while longer before Prince gets his apologizing skills up to par. Prince let me help you out with a hint- understand that times are changing so ease up on all the copyright infringement crap, but anyways… I really want that diamond encrusted Prince love symbol emblem.


    Number One Edition

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