Patrick Robinson

  • Interesting Reading: Patrick Robinson’s 10 Rules of Style

    by Kyle O.
    August 24, 2009
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    Gap’s creative director Patrick Robinson, who has designed for brands such as Giorgio Armani, Anne Klein, Perry Ellis and Paco Rabanne, shared his top ten rules of style with Details magazine.

    It was recently rumored that Kanye West was interning with Gap however Mr. Robinson dispelled those rumors stating “He’s not my intern! He’s a friend of mine, and he just likes to see what we do. I tell him, if he wants people to take him seriously in fashion, they have to see blood first! They have to see the blood and the sweat, to see that he really wants it — but he definitely has the capability.” Robinson ended with “I keep telling him he should stick to music.”

    So if you’re all about acquiring knowledge check out Patrick Robinson’s 10 Rules of Style along with some videos below

    The coolest guy out there is the one who knows what’s going on and has all the information on fashion but then picks the one thing that works for him. That’s all you need—and a brain in your head.

    The five things every man should have in his wardrobe are a great pair of jeans, the right-fitting pair of khakis, a bunch of T-shirts, a brilliant watch, and a pair of camping boots.

    This may sound sort of silly to most men, but a way to develop personal style is to admire someone you think looks cool who you kind of resemble. No one is going to look like Johnny Depp, so don’t go there. But if you need some help, pick someone you dig and watch the way he dresses.

    Everyone wants to be comfortable. They want jeans where the waist isn’t tight and the legs are loose, but that ideal gets carried too far. I’m not a guy who thinks everybody should wear everything slim, but don’t make your clothes so damn comfortable that you’re not attractive to people.