Pastelle Jacket

  • Kanye West X Louis Vuitton Sneakers Debut this June-Verified in Video

    by Kyle O.
    January 6, 2009


    Kanye West has been doing a lot of fashion designing lately. He’s been hard at work preparing his Pastelle Jacket line and now  it seems as though he hasn’t forgotten about the Louis Vuitton sneaker line he’s supposed to be creating. Actually it’s not just a rumor or hot smoke, it seems like this may actually be  the real deal.

    Kanye West

    The Paparazzi were swarming Kanye a few days after Christmas outside of the LV store in Los Angeles but he could care less, he was cheesing, showing off his new white Louis sneakers notifying the paparazzi that designing clothes would also be on his 2009 to-do-list as he stepped into his Aston Martin.

    kanye west 281208

    You’ve got to give it up to Mr. West, he’s doing what almost everybody that loves fashion wants to be doing, and with one of the most upscale brands out there. I just hope he makes a genuinely classic sneaker line, nothing too crazy or ridiculous- you know, I just hope he doesn’t overdue it.  You can’t really get a good shot of them in the pics or in the video but I guess we’ll  get a close up view this coming June.

    Check out the Video Of  Kanye Talking about the LV sneakers Below