Nintendo Wii

  • Queen of England Gets a Gold Nintendo Wii

    by Kyle O.
    May 23, 2009


    American game developing company THQ, which has been financially struggling as of late, sent Queen Elizabeth and the family a Wii game console entirely covered in gold. This gift was given to the royal family to promote the launch of the “Big Family Games Collection” which features a spin on 24 classic neighborhood games such as tennis, lawn darts, horseshoes, bocce, and golf. You might be wondering why did the Queen’s family get the gold Wii and not Obama’s . Well the “Big” game titles have been very successful over in Europe and plus I’m not sure the President can accept gold plated gifts.


    Here’s what Danielle Robinson, the THQ product manager, had to say about the royal gift.

    “Big Family Games is the ultimate Wii game to get all family members, from grandparents to young children, playing together.”

    “The Royal Family is arguably the most important family in the country so we felt that they had to have a copy of the new game.”

    “But we thought that Her Majesty the Queen wouldn’t want to play on any old console, so an extra-special gold one was commissioned. We hope that she and the rest of the Royal Family enjoy the game!”


    The “Big Family Games Collection” hit stores yesterday so you can join in on the fun right now. But if you want to play on the gold Wii, sorry you have to be part of the Royal family by blood or something like that. However if you seriously want you’re own golden Nintendo Wii, well I heard Goldgenie’s got some for about $790. Good Luck