Gilbert Arenas in D&G Velcro Strap Patent High Sneaker on Court

By Allen O. on
December 08, 2010

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before, but when the Los Angeles Lakers hosted the Washington Wizards Tuesday night, guard Gilbert Arenas hit the court in style wearing a pair of D&G Velcro Strap Patent Hi-Top sneakers ($395). These sneakers feature a suede trim and three velcro straps – two in patent metallic blue the other in patent yellow. It is detailed with the D&G logo on the tongue and back heel, with laminated sides, and suede inserts accented by gold stitched piping on a thick white rubber sole. Do you see this starting a trend in the NBA with players ditching the athletic brands for a pair of high-end designer sneakers? See pics below

Is Lebron James the Best Dressed NBA Player?

By Kyle O. on
August 17, 2010

NBA superstar, Lebron James, recently did a photo shoot spread for the September issue of GQ Magazine and I was quite impressed. Some people might argue that most celebrities don’t pick out their clothes for photo spreads and are instead dressed by stylists. Although this might hold true in some cases, I beg to differ in the case of Mr. James. Judging from these pictures you can see his personality in every outfit he is dressed in. Better yet, some of the pieces are his own. Take for example the picture above, the cardigan (by Paul Smith),  which meshes so well with the khaki colored corduroys (by A.P.C), are both his own personal belongings. He is also wearing a Shirt by Tom Ford, Tie by Ralph Lauren Purple Label, and a watch by Audemars Piguet in the picture above. Lebron is one of my top picks for best dressed in the NBA. My question to you all is – is there anyone else that dresses better than Mr. James in the NBA, and if so who? Check out more of my favorite pics from the photo shoot after the jump.

Kobe Bryant vs Jameer Nelson/Gucci Slip-On Sneaker

By Kyle O. on
June 12, 2009



Beige/Ebony ($425)

NBA stars Kobe Bryant and Jameer Nelson were both spotted making their pre-game entrances wearing Gucci’s slip-On sneakers ($425-$440), with the signature web detailing and the rubber sole. We all are well aware that athletes have the money to buy whatever it is that’s considered stylish, but can they put it together. So I guess my question is who wore it the best?



Brown Guccissima leather ($440)

The Best Dressed NBA Player is……….?

By Kyle O. on
May 22, 2009


Lebron James

As of lately I have noticed that many NBA players are really trying to get their dressing game together. Some are on the right track while others are far from the mark. Here are some recent shots of NBA stars Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Kobe Bryant. Who do you think takes the cake when it comes to dressing?


Carmelo Anthony with wife LaLa Vasquez


Kobe Bryant