• Mario vs Kanye West in Louis Vuitton Jasper Sneakers

    by Kyle O.
    September 12, 2009

    mario sn

    R&B artist Mario and rapper/producer Kanye West were both spotted rocking the black Louis Vuitton Jasper sneakers ($945) which were one of the many created as a result Kanye’s collaboration with LV. By now these sneakers are long gone and due to their high price point & exclusivity only high profile individuals will be able to get a pair of these now rare Louis Vuittons. So who do you think used the Jaspers to put together the better outfit?

    kanye-west-louis-vuitton jasper

    Kanye West Louis Vs
  • Video: Roc The Mic Video

    by Kyle O.
    January 6, 2009


    Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow are back ! Batman and Robin with the video “Roc the Mic” off  of  Bow Wow’s upcoming LP ‘New Jack City Part II’ which will hit stores in March 09′. I like this video because 1. It was directed by Hype Williams who I feel always knows how to shoot a crystal clean video. 2.  because Jermaine Dupri is in it who I consider to be one of Hip Hops most fashionable moguls. He always keeps up with the styles and does it fashionably well and its rubbing off on Bow Wow as you can see. Peep in the video Bow Wow’s LV shades and cartier bracelet and Jermaine Dupri rocking the Dita Grandmaster Two shades and a Gucci Jacket. I call that SUBTLE STYLING put that in the dictionary.

    Check out the video Below

  • Star Watch: LV Camo Travel Bag

    by Kyle O.
    January 1, 2009

    (Kanye West rocking Jordan 8’s and Pastelle Varsity Jacket)

    There is no better way to travel in style than to travel with the Louis Vuitton Camouflage Keepall ($1,500). All the celebs seem to think so. Its loud, makes a statement and is sure to catch the paparazzi’s eye. So why wouldn’t they want to carry it. More pics below.