• Apple Announces iPad Mini, iPad 4th Generation, 80% Thinner iMac, and 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro

    by Kyle O.
    October 23, 2012

    If you thought Apple was finished when they announced their new iPhone 5 last month, then you’d be wrong because they just wrapped up one of their biggest product announcements yet. First Apple unveiled a thinner retina 13-inch display MacBook Pro laptop (starts at $1,699), then they introduced their new 80% thinner iMac ($1,299 for 21.5in/$1,799 for 27in), and they topped off all these big announcements with the 4th Generation iPad (starts at $499) with a new A6X chip, and a brand new iPad Mini. Starting at $329, the iPad Mini is 7.9 inches diagonally and 23% thinner than the 9.7 inch 4th Generation iPad. With all these new products from Apple, what are you buying?

  • Bentley and Laptops? Lamborghini to Wine?

    by Kyle O.
    August 12, 2008

    This isn’t the first time a brand known for one particular product decided to venture off and produce something that they have no experience with and I’m sure it won’t be the last. It’s like wearing Gucci t-shirts and jeans most don’t wear them because this is not their area of expertise. We’ve heard about Prada’s touch screen phone but now big brand names Lamborghini and Bentley who are mostly known for their $300,000+ priced cars are spreading their wings into other realms of the marketing industry. Did you know Lamborghini has had it’s own wine for a while now? This is just interesting to me, a car company wants you to be intoxicated first and then drive their car home safely. That’s like a weight lose company opening a fast-food chain or a quit smoking organization selling ash trays, they cross each other out. Bentley is also joining in on the fun by partnering with laptop makers “Ego” to produce a handbag like laptop available in 8 different leather coverings that will run you about $19,000. It seems as though those with plentiful amounts of money were getting annoyed that there were too many laptops that regular people could afford. But hey, I guess it’s not that bad Microsoft went from software to video game systems and Apple went from computers to music players and cell phones. Now that I think about it, every companies seems to be doing this so I guess it’s ok. See more pics below.