Knalihs Athem

  • Limited Edition Diamond iPhone 3G

    by Kyle O.
    August 27, 2008

    Because the iphone has become too affordable bridging the gap between those who can afford luxury items and those who can’t, there has been an out cry from the wealthy for someone to keep the dividing line as tall and wide as possible. A Switzerland luxury jeweler by the name of Knalihs Athem has come to the rescue with the debut of the worlds first diamond encrusted Iphone 3g. The phone contains 3.75 carats of 475 sparkling cut diamonds which are embedded on the phone. These diamond Iphone 3gs are limited edition and only 50 will be made worldwide. The first 10 will be on sale for $10,000 and then they will be sold at their regular price. So if you’re tired of being like the rest, then hurry and jump on this offer and be one of the 50 in the world that will have a diamond iphone 3g.  More info can be found at