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  • Interesting Reading: Kenneth Cole’s 10 Rules of Style

    by Kyle O.
    August 3, 2009

    Kenneth Cole P

    American fashion designer Kenneth Cole ( 55 yrs old), who in 25 years has created an international fashion empire, was recently featured in Details magazine where he revealed his top ten rules of style. Although some might believe that they completely understand the rules of dressing with style, I say it never hurts to relearn the basics because you never know exactly what you’re overlooking until someone points it out.

    So if you’re all about acquiring knowledge check out Kenneth Cole’s 10 Rules of Style along with some videos below

    Clothing is maybe the single greatest form of self-expression. Whether you’re fashion-impaired or fashion-inspired, I urge everyone to take a few extra minutes every day to contemplate the message you’re sending to the world.

    If you wear a fragrance, make sure it doesn’t arrive before you do and linger when you’re gone.

    Few people get dressed up today. Mix dressy with casual or rugged with refined. And one item should be more tailored. For example, if you’re wearing a T-shirt, wear cleaner jeans. Wear a blazer with the jeans or a casual top with slacks.

    Beyond any other accessory, shoes will have a very significant impact on how you look—they make the whole outfit come together. There’s that old adage that before you judge somebody you should walk a mile in their shoes. Then if you don’t like them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes. What you wear below the ankles is critical.