• Christina Aguilera in Jet Acid Wash Jeans & Christian Louboutin Studio 120 Pumps

    by Kyle O.
    May 8, 2010

    Singer Christina Aguilera was spotted out in a nice pair of John Eshaya Jet Acid Wash jeans ($187), which have a torn left knee and lightning bolt stitching on the rear pockets. As for her footwear, Christina was wearing silver studded Christian Louboutin Studio 120 peep toe pumps ($1,895).

  • The Dream Spotted in Diesel Jeans and Dior Homme Sneakers

    by Kyle O.
    May 29, 2009


    Diesel Zatiny 008LD ($190)




    The Dream was spotted with his girl Christina Milian rocking a pair of Diesel Zatiny 008LD Jeans ($190) and a pair of high top Dior Homme sneakers ($945) from the spring/summer 2009 collection. Why does he have a bandanna on his left leg…? I guess you have to do what fits you.



  • Stephon Marbury Owns a Jet Now!?

    by Kyle O.
    September 7, 2008

    New York Knick’s star point guard, Stephon Marbury, must not have seen Diddy’s blog about high gas prices because he’s just purchased a jet plane for $45 million dollars. Diddy clearly explains in his “Diddy Blog #12” that taking his jet to and from LA twice a month round trip would leave him with a $250,000 bill and he would rather fly coach on a commercial flight-American Airlines. NYpost-Page Six claims that when Marbury’s contract with the Knicks, which is in its final year, ends he will be receiving his remaining $21 million, so I’m sure this is what motivated this investment. Whether or not Stephon Marbaury is aware of the current state of America’s economy and gas prices, this purchase shows that he truly doesn’t care. Maybe he can see into the future and realizes that he is actually getting a serious deal on this jet if he buys now. He may know economics so well and he understands that America’s economy issues will stabilizes by the time he’s planning on flying in it. I don’t think Marbury makes more money than Diddy, that being said- this might have been a bad buy on his part, but who’s to say. If this is a bad investment, I guess as long as the purchase is within the 30 day margin he can still return it and get a full refund-yeah, right. If that’s not possible then he has no choice but to do what SUV owners are doing everywhere now and put a “For Sale” sign on his rear window with his cell phone number on the bottom so that those who are interested can call him as he flies by.