Ask Allen: What Are The Best Ripped Jeans for An Affordable Price?

By Allen O. on
November 07, 2014

Anonymous asked: Best ripped jeans for an affordable price?

Kevin Hart wears Balmain Leather Panel Sweatshirt and Biker Jeans with Saint Laurent Skate Sneakers at Wedding Ringer Syracuse Screening

By Allen O. on
November 03, 2014
Kevin Hart-wears-Balmain-Leather-Panel-Sweatshirt-and-Biker-Jeans-with-Saint-Laruent-Skate-Sneakers-at-Wedding-Ringer-Syracuse-Screening-Josh-Gad-3

Actors Kevin Hart and Josh Gad held a special screening of their new movie “The Wedding Ringer” at Syracuse University in New York. Kevin wore a black Balmain leather paneled sweatshirt, Bottega Veneta belt, black washed biker jeans, and black Saint Laurent Blood Luster print low-top skate shoes ($445). What do you think of his look?

Chris Brown Wears Custom Renowned Jacket, Fendi Fedora, Vie Riche T-Shirt, Red Supreme x Nike AF1 Sneakers

By Kyle O. on
November 01, 2014

Chris Brown was recently spotted wearing his own custom Renowned collaboration red neoprene bomber jacket. The 25-year-old singer was also rocking a Fendi fedora, a Vie Richie Progressive VR Sig Fit white tee ($148), Topman ripped jeans, and a pair of Supreme x Air Force 1 red sneakers ($150).

Wale wears Just Don Hat, Bape Hoodie, Saint Laurent Jeans, and Nike Air Force 1 High Supreme Sneakers at Rehearsal for Wizards Home Opener

By Allen O. on
November 01, 2014

Wale is set to kick-off the Washington Wizards home opener tonight with a performance at the Verizon Center Arena. During rehearsal the 30-year old entertainer wore a red Just Don hat, Bape camo hoodie, light blue Saint Laurent Jeans ($790), and red Nike Air Force 1 Hi Supreme SP sneakers ($150). What do you think of his look?

David Guetta Wears Saint Laurent Signature Sumi Ink Club Biker Jacket Out In NYC

By Allen O. on
October 31, 2014

DJ David Guetta stepped out in New York City wearing a limited edition Saint Laurent Signature Sumi Ink Club motorcycle jacket ($7,550), Saint Laurent Crash denim jeans ($675), and Adidas sneakers. What do you think of his look?