Jay Z Wears Maison Kitsuné Music Fashion Hoodie in London

By Kyle O. on
October 16, 2014

Jay Z was spotted walking with his wife Beyonce in London, England. The hip hop mogul was wearing a grey Maison Kitsuné “Music Fashion” hoodie ($299) with a pair of black Timberlands.

Jay Z wears Balenciaga Henley T-Shirt out in London

By Allen O. on
October 15, 2014

Jay Z and his wife Beyonce enjoyed a night out on the town at the Arts Club in London last night.  Jay wore a black satin lapel tuxedo jacket, a Balenciaga wool jersey henley ($385), light blue denim jeans, and black Timberland boots. What do yo think of his look?

Jay Z wears Palace Skateboards Cotch Jacket House Shopping in Paris

By Allen O. on
October 03, 2014

Jay Z and Beyonce may be looking for another place to call home. The musical couple accompanied by their daughter Blue Ivy were spotted checking out a residence in Paris. Jay wore a white Palace Skateboards Cotch jacket ($140). What do you think of his look?

Jay-Z wears OTR Tour Hat and Alexander McQueen Check-Front Sweatshirt at Soccer Game in France

By Allen O. on
September 30, 2014

Jay Z and his wife Beyonce attended a soccer game between Paris Saint-German F.C. and Barcelona during their visit in Paris. Jay wore his OTR (On The Run) Stade de France tour hat with an Alexander McQueen check front sweatshirt ($688). What do you think of his look?

Ask Allen: What Sweatshirt Was Jay Z Wearing Out in Paris?

By Allen O. on
September 16, 2014

Drake Smith asked: How are you doing? I wanted to know if it was possible for you to find me the brand name of the crew that Jay Z wears in the photo that I’ve attached? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance.