Henrik Lundqvist

  • Sport Style Wars Matchup 2: King of New York – Henrik Lundqvist (NHL) vs Victor Cruz (NFL)

    by fungmasterflex
    December 11, 2015

    Sport Style Wars is a 7-part series pitting the best dressed from the sports world against each other in a style play-off to crown The Most Fashionable Man In Sports. If you missed it, go back and read Matchup 1 NBA vs MLB.

    New York City: A fashion mecca where the biggest names in haute couture call their own playground. The birthplace of dreams, it is here that the best dressed in the world come to strut their stuff on the glossy runways of Fashion Week to the streets of The Big Apple. With such high stakes at play in every outfit that one wears in public, everyone brings their A-game, especially professional athletes due to their national media exposure. The competitive nature in every pro athlete means they’re willing to play for just about anything, and what better title to fight for than NYC’s best dressed athlete? That is why tonight we have Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist square off against Giants wide-receiver Victor Cruz in a battle for New York City’s fashion crown.