• Jadakiss In Fake Louis Vuitton?

    by Kyle O.
    July 3, 2009


    We’ve been receiving questions regarding rapper Jadakiss and his jacket which was featured on the cover of his latest album “The Last Kiss”. Many have been wondering what it is while others have been assuming it’s of a Louis Vuitton make. I can understand why some may think the jacket is Louis Vuitton because 1. the sleeves feature a pattern that resembles the Louis Vuitton signature checkerboard print similar to the LV Damier line and 2. Jadakiss is rocking a matching Louis Vuitton Inventeur Reversible Damier Graphite belt ($570). A Louis Vuitton Rep has confirmed that the jacket has no relations with Louis Vuitton and because many have been inquiring about it at several LV retail stores Louis Vuitton has been forced to release a memo to all their stores notifying them about the jacket. I believe the jacket is custom made but my question is why would Jadakiss get some one to make him a jacket that looks like Louis Vuitton and then wear a Louis Vuitton belt to go with it unless he was trying to pass the jacket off as Louis Vuitton? I smell some Rick Ross Fakin’ going on here. I respect Jada’s music but Why? I just don’t get it, most rappers claim to have money, hoes, and clothes but then turn around and buy fake sh%#. Here’s the problem with buying fake gear, once found out, no one can take you seriously and if one piece of your outfit is fake then you have to assume that the entire outfit is fake. Why not just buy only the real deal? Come on we all know fake is lame.

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