• “Trading Places” New Video From Usher

    by Allen O.
    October 5, 2008

    Usher has just released his 3rd single and video off of his latest album “Here I Stand” entitled ‘Trading Places’.The video was directed by Chris Robinson in a mansion in Ventura, California about a month ago.

    I thought the concept behind the song was quite unique and creative. The idea behind the song is that Usher wants to switch the male/female roles around; where he plays the woman’s position and she plays the mans. One thing I know for sure is I would like to trade places with Usher in that video. First of all his dressing was on point from his Dita shades, v-neck shirt, and watch all the way down to his belt, jeans, and black Lanvin shoes. Even though everything he was wearing was expensive he wasn’t trying to wear his wealth, he’s showing that it’s how you wear it that matters the most.

    The video model, Ms. Joey, cleared up all questions when it comes to what is sex appeal because she was almost flawless. However the video did raise some question marks like “doesn’t he have a wife” but I guess you shouldn’t let your personal life get in the way of art. In all Usher has really set a level that every guy wants to reach when it comes to style and presence.

    Usher was also in Milan, Italy this past Thursday getting fitted by Dsqaured2 Canadian designers Dean and Dan for his upcoming “Ladies Only tour” entitled “One Night Stand” .

    Check out the complete video and see more pics below.