David I Saperstein

  • Upscale Update: Mariah & Nick Owners of the Worlds Most Expensive House ?

    by Kyle O.
    March 20, 2009



    Everyone is buzzing about Mariah Carey’s recent bid for a $125 million Beverly Hills Mansion entitled the Fleur de Lys (French for lily flower), which has been described as the worlds most expensive house still on the market. Take a look at a satellite birds eye view of the estate here.

    This house was built at the request of billionaire David I Saperstein and his then wife Suzanne Saperstein. After 23 years of marriage, they divorced in 2006 and the house was put on the market the following year.We did a post on this mansion last month so you can find out more information by going here.

    Mariah and her new husband Nick Cannon  have been searching for a house for a few months now and the word on the street is they have made a bid for the house at an undisclosed amount. Newlyweds Mariah and Nick must be really trying to start a big singing and rapping comedian family because with that price tag this has to be some type of investment for the future.

    Update: Mariah and Nick have decided to go with a $7 million mansion in Bel Air which once belonged to Farrah Fawcett.



  • Beverly Hills Mansion May be the Worlds Most Expensive House Still on the Market

    by Kyle O.
    February 4, 2009


    A mansion in Beverly Hills  named “Fleur de Lys” (French for lily flower), which has been on the market since 2007, has been described by Forbes as the worlds most expensive house still on the market. The luxurious villa is still “For  Sale” at a listed price which may be astronomical for some, but not too bad for others, that is $125 million dollars. This estate measures up to about 45,000 square feet, spread across 5 acres of land with 15 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms.


    The Fleur de Lys was constructed in the 1990’s under billionaire David I Saperstein’s request for his then wife Suzanne Saperstein’s and took 5 years to complete. The house design was influenced by Louis XIV’s palace at Versailles and has been adorned with the finest statues, fabrics, crafts, paintings and all other luxurious ornaments that a home of this caliber is required to have. After David Saperstein divorced his wife Suzanna in 2006, the house was put on the market a year later. All I have to say is whoever buys this $125 million home better have a large family with a dozen kids because what are they going to do with all those rooms. Well I guess if you have enough to purchase a house like this, then you’ll have enough to fill all the spaces. Well people, there it is, a masterpiece, everyone’s dream home and no one has bought it yet. So you better hurry and jump on this one before its too late.


    See a Birds Eye View Link and more pictures below