• The Rare Vivid Pink Diamond to be sold at Christie’s Auction

    by Kyle O.
    August 4, 2009
    Pink diamond

    Has anyone ever seen a genuine pink diamond before? Well Christie’s in Hong Kong is gearing up to auction off a 5.0 carat rare pink diamond which is being referred to as “The Vivid Pink”. The rare “Vivid Pink” diamond, which is described as flawless, is estimated to sell for $5-7$ million.

    Francois Curiel, the international head of Christie’s jewelry department,was quoted saying. “There are pink diamonds and then there are pink diamonds. It is extremely rare for a stone of such top quality to appear on the market with top notes in color, cut, clarity and carat weight. This 5-carat vivid pink gem combines the best of all criteria,”

    This gorgeous pink diamond will be on a viewing tour in New York, Singapore, Bangkok, Geneva, and Tapei before it reaches its final destination in Hong Kong where it will be sold on December 1st. So if you’re ever in the area and you’re bank account is looking right why not try your hand, I would. (Source 1)