• Lakers Receive Gold & Diamond Encrusted 16th Championship Rings

    by Kyle O.
    October 28, 2010

    The LA Lakers recently received their 16th Championship rings in a unique ring ceremony at the Staples Center, where each player was introduced by another team member. Just like the rings from the year earlier, these were created by Jason of Beverly Hills and are a step up in terms of value due to the 16 carat gold and 16 large white diamonds. Not only did these rings raise the gold and diamond count, they’ve also made history by incorporating a piece of leather material from the 2010 NBA Finals Game 7 ball. There’s no word on the exact price, but I’m pretty sure it’s much higher than the $30,000 ring the Lakers won last year. Also, you probably remember that after the Lakers won the championship game, one of the first people Ron Artest thanked was his psychiatrist. Well it looks like he’s putting his money where his mouth is by auctioning off his ring and donating the proceeds to mental health charities. Watch the making of the ring, the ring ceremony and see more pics below.

  • Kobe Bryant and the Lakers Recieve their $30,000 Championship Rings

    by Kyle O.
    October 29, 2009
    kobe ring3

    NBA star Kobe Bryant and his Lakers teammates recently received their diamond encrusted $30,000 15k gold championship rings made by Jason of Beverly Hills, which celebrates the 15th championship for the Los Angeles Lakers franchise. Kobe, Derek Fisher, and members of Lakers owner Jerry Buss family pitched in on the design of the rings requesting that 14 diamonds, representing the 14 championships, surround a center gold trophy which symbolizes the 15th. They also requested that each player have their face & jersey number chiseled into the side of the rings. The Staples center shaped rings come in a dual LED lit box. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a ring like this, just know it won’t come easy. To follow in Kobe’s footsteps you better practice on your basketball skills.(Source 1)

    lakers ring


    Check out videos of the Los Angeles Lakers ring ceremony and more pics below