• Vintage Frames Company x Cazal 623 Snakeskin Pack Sunglasses

    by Kyle O.
    October 25, 2011

    The Vintage Frames Company is releasing an exclusive collection of Cazal 623 sunglasses with snakeskin on the upper half of the frames. Exotic skins were first applied to Cazals back in the late 80s taking the popular eyewear brand to new heights. After tracking down the original craftsman in east Canada, the Vintage Frames Company was able to use snakeskin once again. A limited offering of 5 frames per style will be available only at Check out the other versions below.

  • Vintage Frames Company x Cazal 951 Limited Edition Sunglasses

    by Kyle O.
    November 4, 2010

    The Vintage Frames Company x Cazal 951 red-framed sunglasses ($750), which have been worn by celebs such as Amber Rose, are making their return in a limited run of 50 pairs. They were specifically designed for the hottest areas on the planet and provide a level of high-end quality that only a collaboration of this caliber can bring. These exclusive shades are now available at the Vintage Frames Online Shop, so if you like, then you better get a move on it. More pics below.