C Six

  • Lance Armstrong in $4,000 Oakley Elite C Six Sunglasses

    by Kyle O.
    October 31, 2009


    Most sunglasses are within the $100 to $700 mark and not that many eyewear companies stray from that range. However Oakley has decided to change the common eyewear perception by releasing their most high-end line of sunglasses dubbed the Oakley Elite C Six Sunglasses priced at ($4,000). With a price tag like that you’re probably wondering what has Oakley done to justify the cost. Well, they claim that this collection of sunglasses are “the most technically innovative sunglasses ever created”. The Oakley Elite C Six sunglasses require 90 hours of machine manufacture time with 80 layers of pure carbon fibers & aluminum pressed into the frame allowing a flexible design for comfort. These shades are limited to 200 pieces and are only available at selected Oakley retail stores & sunglasses boutiques.

    One of the styles from the line was seen on Legendary Cyclist & Oakley endorser Lance Armstrong during the Tour de France this past Summer.  I really don’t like the overall design, it has a unsettling medieval abstract appeal and I don’t see these becoming anyone’s everyday sunglasses. What do you think, are these worth the price? (Source 1)

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    oakley c six © Jonathan Devich/www.epicimages.us

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