Ask Allen: What Timberland Boots did Drake wear on his Date with Rihanna in London at Nobu?

By Allen O. on
March 12, 2014

Stephan Clarke asked: What black timberland boots did Drake wear on his date with Rihanna in London at Nobu? The boots are black with a brown trim at the bottom. Thank you great work on the site.

Ask Allen: What Are You Wearing in the “Return of the Moon Man” Instagram Video?

By Allen O. on
March 06, 2014
video 6

Anonymous asked: Hey Allen, what jeans are you wearing in your Return of the Moon Man video? Also what jacket is that as well? Thanks! Please keep the vids coming. They are all very dope.

Anonymous asked: What shoes are those in wanderlust 10? Really classy

Ask Allen: What Was Kanye West wearing at the Givenchy Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014 Collection in Paris

By Allen O. on
March 05, 2014

Anonymous asked: What was Kanye West wearing at the last Givenchy show?

Kanye West wears Fear of God LA Bomber Jacket and Bottega Veneta Boots

By Allen O. on
February 25, 2014

Kanye West was spotted leaving his apartment in New York City today wearing a military olive Fear of God LA bomber jacket ($995), black sweatshirt, grey tee, black jeans, and brown suede Bottega Veneta Shadow Buffalo leather Chelsea ankle boots ($770). He also carried a Bottega Veneta Intrecciato large duffel bag ($4,170). What do you think of his look?

Ask Allen: What is Dave 1 of Chromeo wearing in the “Come Alive” Video?

By Allen O. on
January 31, 2014

Anonymous asked: Hey Allen. I know that usually you present outfits of rappers and basketball players, but I recently saw this video of Chromeo – Come Alive. Do you have any idea what Dave 1 (main singer) is wearing?