• Batmobile Limousine Replica

    by Kyle O.
    December 21, 2009

    Batman’s Batmobile continues to excite the minds of people all over the world, especially the filthy rich. A few months ago, a 1 million dollar Batmobile replica was spotted in Stockholm, Sweden and now a Batmobile limousine has been spotted in New York. This Batmobile limo replica incorporates all the classic features straight from the pages of the Batman comic book series, but elongated to fit limousine standards. If the Swedish Batmobile replica cost $1 million to build, I would expect the limo version to require close to $2 million to construct. Besides wishing for this Batmobile replica, I’m sure everyone wants to know who’s being driven around in Batman’s limo. (Source 1)

    Check out a video and more pics below

  • Dita Eyewear x Neighborhood Batmobile Sunglasses

    by Kyle O.
    November 3, 2009
    Dita batmobile shades1

    Batman’s Batmobile has captured the minds of western culture because everyone wishes that they could own one. While only a lucky few have enough money to build this fictional car, some have come up with alternatives to help satisfy the Batmobile lust. Dita Eyewear has collaborated with the Japanese clothing brand Neighborhood to bring the Batmobile sunglasses, which features a classic wafer style wellington acetate frame design. The Dita x Neighborhood Batmobile Sunglasses are available in black and two-tone black/cream-white for approx. ($314).(Source 1)

    Dita Batmobile shades3
  • 1 Million Dollar Batmobile Replica

    by Kyle O.
    October 1, 2009

    Who knew you could take a 1973 Lincoln Continental and turn it into a Batmobile. Well, a rich Swedish guy, who is obviously a Batman fanatic, spent 20,000 hrs or 3.5 yrs constructing one of most popular cars from Gotham City. This sleek Batmobile replica comes equipped with a plasma TV, machine guns, DVD player, satellite navigation, voice recognition, height adjustable body, and rear view video cameras. Now if you want to follow suit and build your own superhero car, then you might need to know that this Batmobile was a $1 million dollar effort. (Source 1)


    Check out a video & more pics of the Million dollar Batmobile Replica below