Aubrey Graham

  • Introducing Drake

    by Allen O.
    January 22, 2009

    Aubrey Graham

    Who is Drake? Well you might know him as Aubrey Graham and if that doesn’t ring a bell then you will definitely remember him from the hit show Degrassi where he played Jimmy Brooks a high school student paralyzed after a school shooting. But for the Toronto native, it’s not his acting that’s getting him the buzz on the streets, it’s his music. I first heard him on his track “replacement girl” with Trey Songz and even though I was really impressed, I still didn’t pay him much attention until I got wind of his mixtape ‘Comeback Season’, and since, then dude has been in rotation in my Ipod ever since. He is the new breed of  rapper. He is witty and very clever with his words and his wordplay is unpredictable, but most of all Drake proves that rappers can talk about other things besides drugs and violence, and it might not be much, but a fraction of their audience just wants to hear about girls and fly shit. I can testify to that.

    So Far So Gone Mixtape……………………..Coming Soon

    Comeback Season Mixtape

    Room for Improvement Mixtape