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Ask Allen: What Sunglasses and Sneakers Did Usher Wear At MTV VMA’s 2014

By Allen O. on
August 31, 2014

Anonymous asked: What kind of shades was Usher wearing at MTV VMA’s 2014?

Anonymous asked: What shoe was Usher wearing at MTV VMA’s 2014?

Ask Allen: What Shirt Did Justin Bieber Wear At Riccardo Tisci’s 40th Birthday Party?

By Allen O. on
August 14, 2014

Anonymous asked: What shirt did Justin Bieber wear at Riccardo Tisci’s 40th Birthday party?

Ask Allen: What Red Paisley and Bandana Print Jacket is Kanye West Wearing?

By Allen O. on
August 12, 2014

Anonymous asked: Recently, Kanye West was spotted wearing a red paisley print jacket with a bleached hoodie underneath. Do you know what brand the red jacket is?

Ask Allen: What Websites Are Selling Authentic Designer Clothing?

By Allen O. on
August 12, 2014

Anonymous asked: Which website is selling authentic clothing? How about SSENSE, Farfetch, and Luisaviaroma?

Ask Allen: What Louis Vuitton Belt Was Tyga Wearing When He Got A Tattoo of Michael Jackson?

By Allen O. on
August 05, 2014

Anonymous asked: Hi Allen, I have one big question. I have always wanted to know what type of Louis Vuitton belt Tyga was wearing while he was getting a tattoo of Michael Jackson. It appears to be rare and I can’t find the exact name of it.  Thank you. (Pictured: here)