Ask Allen

Ask Allen: What Is Your Opinion On The Fedora Hat Trend?

By Allen O. on
October 31, 2014

Anonymous asked: What’s your opinion on the fedora hats everyone has been wearing?

Ask Allen: What Jacket Are you Wearing In Wanderlust Pt. 8?

By Allen O. on
October 28, 2014

Anonymous asked: Hi Allen, in Wanderlust Pt. 8 what is the brand of the jacket?

Ask Allen: Can You Wear Shoes With Gold Hardware And a Jacket With Silver Hardware Together?

By Allen O. on
October 17, 2014

Anonymous asked: I’m thinking of wearing loafers with a gold buckle with an SLP jacket with silver zips. Is that too much of a clash?

Ask Allen: Where Do You Buy Your Metallica & Guns N’ Roses Tees?

By Allen O. on
October 17, 2014

Anonymous asked: Allen, where do you buy your Metallica & Guns N’ Roses tees?

Ask Allen: Where Can I Find An Affordable Suit for a Black Tie Wedding?

By Allen O. on
October 16, 2014
Suit Supply Black Tuxedo ($569)

Anonymous asked: Where can I find an affordable suit for a black tie wedding?