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Ask Allen: What Jeans Are You Wearing in Wanderlust pt. 14?

By Allen O. on
April 07, 2014 4
Anonymous asked: Hey! Are those Wanderlust pt. 14 jeans, those SLP Grey 17 cm hem jeans? If so, how many sizes I should size down to get similar skinny fit as yours?

Ask Allen: When Is It Time To Start Dressing Your Age?

By Allen O. on
April 02, 2014 8

Anonymous asked: Hey Allen, I follow you on Instagram and check your site daily. I admire your style and notice that it’s always evolving. Lately I begin hearing people say dress your age, which leaves me confused. I’m not that old and I’m also not that young, however I have a passion for fashion and dressing well. Do you believe there is a certain age that we as individuals should start dressing a certain way?

Ask Allen: What Shirt Are You Wearing In Wanderlust Pt. 13.5?

By Allen O. on
April 01, 2014 3

Anonymous asked: Hi Allen I’m a big fan of your style and the way you keep it simple but still kill it so easily. I was just wondering what is the brand of the t-shirt you were wearing in the picture on Instagram ; the blue t shirt in the #Wanderlust part 13.5 ; it looks like a crew neck but short sleeves very nice outfit. I will really appreciate to have the name of the brand. I like your outfit too thanks for your answer and inspiration.

Ask Allen: What Type of Sneakers is Rob Garcia wearing in the GQ Designers of America 2014 Photo?

By Allen O. on
March 24, 2014 2

Anonymous asked: What type of sneakers is Rob Garcia wearing in the GQ designer of the year award photo? He is in the photo with Steve Angello I believe.

Ask Allen: What Should My First Pair Of Luxury Sneakers Be?

By Allen O. on
March 17, 2014 7

Anonymous asked: Hey Allen, I really admire everything that you’re doing, its all great. I just had a question that I was hoping you could help me out with. I am looking into purchasing my first pair of luxury sneakers and I’ve had some trouble deciding on a single pair. Hope to hear from you, thank you. BTM