Amosu Luxury

  • Alexander Amosu Introduces the Most Expensive Suit On the Planet

    by Kyle O.
    April 23, 2009



    33 yr old high-end luxury designer Alexender Amosu, who is well known for his diamond encrusted cell phones, is now adding another innovative business venture to his ever increasing portfolio by introducing what is now being described as the most expensive suit on the planet. This suit, which is priced at £70,000 ( about $101,907), includes nine 18 carat gold & diamond buttons and features very expensive fabrics from rare animals vicuna and qiviuk.


    Amosu’s suit was ordered by an unmentioned buyer who plans to attend a party in central London. It took Amosu and his team over 80 hours and 5,000 individual stitches to finish the piece.  To complete the sell Amosu is also throwing in a luxurious and highly secure delivery by transporting the suit via armored Range Rover.


    Millionaire Alexander Amosu, who is based in London, earned his first million selling cell phone ring-tones at 25 yrs old and then used those earnings in order to get into the high end designer business. He was recently featured as one of the “top 40 under 40 rising media industry” entrepreneurs from Times. Wow… I wonder who bought the suit, because if I had one I would never wear it. I would just bring it out every once in a while and just stare at it.

    Check out the video below where Amosu flashes his Diamond iPhone- the most expensive diamond phone in world