2008 Victoria’s Secret Black Fantasy Miracle Bra

  • Crazy, Sexy, Gorgeous 5 million dollar 2008 Victoria’s Secret Black Fantasy Bra

    by Kyle O.
    October 26, 2008

    For those of you out there who have a special lady that you care a lot for I just want to forewarn you all that the holiday season is getting closer and the time for gift giving is arriving. Well if you’re not sure what exactly to get your girl and your funds are looking right then I’ve got the perfect gift for you the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Black Fantasy Miracle Bra worth $5 million.

    Sexy Supermodel Adriana Lima is shown above modeling the bra which was created by Jeweler Martin Katz. The black fantasy bra is embedded with 3,900 rare stones consisting of thousands of black diamonds, 117 one carat round diamonds, and 34 ruby gems totaling an overall weight of 1,500 carats. If you get this bra for your lady I guarantee you, that night she’ll return the favor and give you something you’ll remember for a long time.

    Check out the Videos of Adriana Lima modeling the bra at a photo shoot and more below