Jonathan Cheban Visits LIV Owner Dave Grutman’s House and Checks Out His Van Dutch Yachts

By Kyle O. on
December 31, 2016
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Jonathan Cheban visited the house of David Grutman, who owns LIV Miami, Komodo Miami, & Story Miami during his New Year’s 2017 #UpscaleLife IG Stories takeover. Jonathan then went outside and checked out his two Van Dutch yachts. Follow us on Instagram (here) to find out what happens next.

Kanye West Selling his Hollywood Home for $3.9 Million

By Kyle O. on
May 09, 2010

Kanye West appears to be moving on to bigger and better things, as he recently put his $3,995,000 Hollywood house up for sale. The 3 bedroom/3.5 bathroom 4,214 square foot house, which was originally purchased in 2003 for $1,750,000, combines contemporary interior design with pop art. A life-size Buzz Lightyear figurine, Burton Morris’ Jetsons paintings, Takashi Murakami’s plush toys, and a fish tank in the bathroom are just a few of the many intriguing features of Kanye’s pad. If you had the funds, would you buy? I believe it would be a mistake not to, because it would definitely, as Mr. West would say, put your “swagga on a hundred thousand trillion.”

The Spelling Mansion Beats Out the Fleur De Lys as Most Expensive House

By Kyle O. on
March 29, 2009
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It seems as though the recently reported Fleur de Lys ($125,000,000), which was being described as the most expensive house on the market and was grabbing media attention because of Mariah & Nick’s offer for the estate, has just been upstaged by widow Candy Spelling’s $150,000,000  Holmby Hills mansion entitled the “The Manor”. This grandiose estate located in Los Angeles has now become the most expensive house on the market. Take a look at a satellite birds eye view of the estate here.


The 100+ room mansion was constructed in 1991 in place of  Bing Crosby’s house by Candy Spelling’s husband, famous Hollywood TV producer Aaron Spelling, who died in  2006 at the age of 83. The gated 4.7 acre, 56,500 sq-ft Spelling Mansion features 11 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms including a barber shop and beauty parlor in the attic, china storage room, wine seller and wine tasting room, a humidity controlled silver storage room, a projection room where the screen rises from the ground with paintings, gift wrapping room, and a bowling alley in the basement. The exterior features a spa and swimming pool complex, a tennis court, a rose garden on the roof, and an extravagant motor parking lot with enough space to carry 100 high-end vehicles.

spelling mansion

Candy Spelling seen inside “The Manor”

Now that’s one big and expensive house. I wonder who will become the new owner? It could end up being Mariah & Nicks, you never know because they’re going after the top notch, so it’s not out of the question, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Check Out the Video Below

HouseBoat, A House That Floats On Water

By Kyle O. on
February 09, 2009


Have you ever dreamed of having a luxury house that’s not constrained by land but free like the sea? Well now that dream can actually come true with X-Architects’ houseboat, which  merges the warm elegance of a modern home and the graceful sailings of a cruise ship satisfying the unquenchable desire for scenery and adventure. X-Architects worked hand in hand with interior decorator architect and design consultant from Squisito, Leen Vandaele in order to construct this floating masterpiece.


This houseboat is 65.62 feet by 21.98 feet made up of stainless steel and glass stabilized with two catamaran beams. The upper deck contains living and dining room areas along with a discrete kitchen while bedrooms, bathrooms and the steering cabin remain on the lower deck. The interior of the boathouse contains large windows enabling a great view of the horizon, a spiraling staircase, and a clean white design that complements the exterior of the house. Although the houseboat is located in Dubai Marina, Dubai I  can assure you that having a house like this will surely separate you from the rest, literally and will easily impress the ladies (Chic Magnet Alert!). Plus you won’t even have to worry about annoying neighbors anymore because you live in the sea.



See More Pics Below

Beverly Hills Mansion May be the Worlds Most Expensive House Still on the Market

By Kyle O. on
February 04, 2009


A mansion in Beverly Hills  named “Fleur de Lys” (French for lily flower), which has been on the market since 2007, has been described by Forbes as the worlds most expensive house still on the market. The luxurious villa is still “For  Sale” at a listed price which may be astronomical for some, but not too bad for others, that is $125 million dollars. This estate measures up to about 45,000 square feet, spread across 5 acres of land with 15 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms.


The Fleur de Lys was constructed in the 1990’s under billionaire David I Saperstein’s request for his then wife Suzanne Saperstein’s and took 5 years to complete. The house design was influenced by Louis XIV’s palace at Versailles and has been adorned with the finest statues, fabrics, crafts, paintings and all other luxurious ornaments that a home of this caliber is required to have. After David Saperstein divorced his wife Suzanna in 2006, the house was put on the market a year later. All I have to say is whoever buys this $125 million home better have a large family with a dozen kids because what are they going to do with all those rooms. Well I guess if you have enough to purchase a house like this, then you’ll have enough to fill all the spaces. Well people, there it is, a masterpiece, everyone’s dream home and no one has bought it yet. So you better hurry and jump on this one before its too late.


See a Birds Eye View Link and more pictures below

The “Z60” Yacht From BMW Group DesignworksUSA and Zeydon

By Kyle O. on
October 12, 2008
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DesignworksUSA , a subsidiary of the BMW Group and Belgian boat-builders Zeydon have joined forces and constructed a luxurious beauty amongst yachts the “Z60”. This gorgeous 60 foot yacht is basically the color of the of the BMW Logo-blue and white, and hits speeds that can max out at 17 knots. The Z60 also has a spacious innovative interior with a huge master bedroom and 2 other guest rooms along with additional crew quarters. Price tag: $2,573,687. The Z60 can be seen sometime this fall and more info can be found at or See a test sail video of the Z60 and more pics below.

New Medals, New Condo: Phelps Laughs his Gold Medals All the Way Home

By Kyle O. on
August 24, 2008

14 gold medalist, Michael Phelps, dominated the men’s swimming competitions this summer Olympics. Now he’s taking his gold medals and laying them to rest in his recently purchased $1,690,000 condo located in Baltimore. Phelps can now kick his feet up for the next 4 years and kiss his 14 gold medals while he enjoys Baltimore’s Harborfront view. The condo stretches 4,080 square feet with a nice rooftop terrace, an exclusive screening room, a clubhouse with pool tables etc., a swimming pool, and a modern high-end gym that can only satisfy an 8 time gold medal winner. Now that Michael Phelps has a condo, the only thing left for him to get is a nice car and a lovely lady to share them with, but who knows he may have those already. See more pics of the condo below.