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Why the UH Logo Shoehorn is a Must Have

By Kyle O. on
March 09, 2020

If you understand the importance of style and dressing up, then you know that everyone needs a shoehorn at one point or another. Well, we think instead of just getting any old cheap shoehorn that will break, we recommend picking up one of quality that’s strong and can last. And that’s why we’re offering our own UH logo Shoehorn, since we couldn’t find one that we’d actually buy. If you’ve been following us for years, you know that UpscaleHype always strives to provide celebrity fashion outfit breakdowns and news at a high level, and so, in our view, it’s only right that we offer a shoehorn that meets those standards also.


The UH Logo Shoehorn is handmade in England from polished 100% ox horn with a gold engraved UH logo on one side. It’s really beautiful and feels nice and smooth. The shoehorn is available in light and dark colors, and because they are handmade from natural sources (ox horns), the pattern of each shoehorn varies, meaning each shoehorn is unique to you.


If you’re ready to upgrade or pick up your very first shoehorn, head over to our UH store (here), and cop one before they’re gone.