Ask Allen: What Are The Best Basic (Plain) T-shirts With a Slim Fit?

August 17, 2016 1
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Anonymous asked: What are the best basic (plain) t-shirts with a slim fit? (Via Tumblr)

Answer: Hi, I personally like John Elliott tees for everyday use and especially for layering under jackets and heavier button shirts. But when I’m stepping out with my boys for the night, my go-to are Wanderluste heavyweight t-shirts, which I designed. They’re are perfect for when I want to be semi-causal but still sharp and clean. Below I’ve attached the list of my favorite basic tees. Share you with me your favorites so that I can continue to build the list.

Allen’s Top 5 List of the Best Plain Slim-Fit T-shirts

  1. John Elliott
  2. Wanderluste 
  3. Balmain
  4. Polo by Ralph Lauren
  5. Uniqlo

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