Around The League: NFL Players Pre-Game Style

January 03, 2016 0

It’s that time! Week 17 of the NFL football season, which means it is win, and go to the playoffs, or lose and proceed to the couch. We rounded up a collection of photos from various players, and teams, who posed in their travel style before the colossal battles of the weekend unfold.


Business to take care of in Green Bay. #skol

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Back to back thousand yard seasons. 88+10=closest thing to perfection #rackcityboys

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About to hit the skies for a final road trip. #OAKvsKC

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@thee_ar15, @a1hurns & @rashadg13 ready to head to Houston. #JAXvsHOU

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Better kicks: @98chrissmith (left) or @marcedeslewis (right)?

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Looking sharp for the last road trip of the season. #TBvsCAR #lookgood #playgood

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#swagchamps #bookends #httr #leftandright #muzik @muzikofficial

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