Most Liked Sneaker Brands On Instagram 2015

December 29, 2015 0

If you’re a sneakerhead in 2015, chances are you pretty much spend 98% of your time cruising Instagram for the latest and greatest. Therefore, graphic artist @kickposters analyzed Instagram to see what brands dominated the year in sneakers. His data showed a startling trend: Is the Nike reign of dominance over?

Clearly, the biggest takeaway is the massive popularity of the likes accumulated from the @Adidsoriginals account. They racked in more than @Nike, @Jumpan23, and @Nikesportswear. What is even more surprising is that Adidas as a whole surpassed Nike.

Is this the hard data that the fashion community has been waiting on? Are the days of Nike having a chokehold on the sneaker community fading? In reality the overall revenue generated from Nike still trumps all other, but at the end of the day there is a big difference between being profitable and being cool. Much of today’s youth are living in a post-MJ world and know very little about the basketball great, while Kanye’s face is practically slapped everywhere you look. Is MJ’s influence finally fading as his glory days become more and more distant, and could this eventually spell the end of Jordans? Sound off in the comments on who you think is the top dog in terms of “cool” now in sneakers: Nike or Adidas?


Credit: images @kickposters