Lessons In Styling: John Wall And Raf Simons

By P. on
December 18, 2015

Not every trip down the court can end in a thunderous slam dunk or silky smooth three, there are hits and there are misses. Such is the life in the NBA and in fashion. Our champion, and victim, this time around is non other than the Washington Wizards Point Guard John Wall. Mr. Wall recently posted two fits to Instagram that prominently displayed different Raf Simons pieces. In one fit, John successfully pulled off a clean look, while in the other the effort was slightly less stellar. We’re going to recap what went wrong, right, and how to make sure your style doesn’t end up styling on you.


The Bad: A Swing And A Miss

Yikes. The main, and most apparent, flaw of John’s fit is how loud every piece is. We’ve got a heavily graphic Raf Simons Tee, distressed jeans, and bright shoes. When planning an outfit, having a statement piece isn’t a bad thing, we’re all for the power flex of a Raf Simons Sneaker.  However, the key is restraint. A statement piece can communicate a lot with minimal accompanying pieces. John, on the other hand, has constructed an entire outfit of statement pieces; therefore the effort comes across as trying too hard. Wall would have been better served opting for a darker denim option with no distressing, like these Acne Ace Cash Jeans. This choice would help make the transition from the shirt to the sneakers less abrupt and more seamless. Finally, the shoes. The shoes, the shoes, the shoes…What was our man John thinking? Not sure, but again what was troubling was how the colors competed so fiercely with the sweater. Your outfit should have clear focal points to convey the smoothest possible look.  John’s style decision has your eyes darting all over. A better option for Wall would have been a simple all-black sneaker, for instance these Adidas by Raf Simons Classic Lace-Up Sneakers. If Wall would have chosen our suggestions in lieu of his, the look would be constructed to let the details of his Raf Simons shirt truly shine. Instead, John’s outfit dunks on itself due to the loud nature of each piece.


The Good: Keeping It Simple

If John’s last effort was a DeAndre Jordan free-throw attempt, this look is a pure Steph Curry three – nothing but net. John Wall nails this look due to his attention to detail. In the prior outfit, Wall’s effort was reminiscent of a Jackson Pollack painting with a seemingly unending random splatter of color. This attempt, however, is dialed in – controlled. John expertly channels the teal on the back of his Raf Simons overcoat through his Balenciaga kicks. This is how it is done: subtle, understated, but loud in a precise manner. From the front, John’s clothes come off as linear with the all black jeans, tee, and top, which is further highlighted by his gold necklace and watch. Then the back tells its own story with a large graphic back-piece on his overcoat that is complimented by his sneakers. This styling move was every bit as flashy as the original option, but the pivotal difference is in how John underscored his pieces. Instead of going all out on a between-the-legs 360 type dunk, Wall kept it casual with a classic Tomahawk dunk. The confidence, swagger, and bravado were all still present, they were just displayed in a sleeker fashion.


Resist To Rise

The thing to remember when styling an outfit is to, “Keep it simple – stupid.”  The KISS principle is always relevant and no more so than when deciding what to wear. The urge to throw on all your new purchases at once is always tempting; however it is best to pick just one and craft your look around that piece. Restraint is the key to truly nailing your outfits over and over again, which will allow you to ascend to the coveted elite level of fashion dominance.