LeBron James and The Cavalier’s Dressing Better To Send A Message To The League: “We’re Serious”

December 02, 2015 3

LeBron James is not playing about bringing a championship to his hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The 30-year-old recently held a team meeting setting new standards for himself and his teammates. Find out what LeBron and teammate Tristan Thompson had to say about the new mindset when it comes to pre-game fashion.


Even though the Cavaliers currently sit atop the Eastern conference with the best record LeBron isn’t satisfied. During mid-october, James gathered his teammates for another players-only meeting to set a new tone. Out! Were JR Smith and his hoverboard, and in was a vicious demeanor obsessed with nothing other than utter NBA domination. However, where does one start when trying to fundamentally change the attitude and swag of a team? The clothes!



LeBron insisted his teammates adopt a more mature look when entering the locker room, so as to send the message: we mean business.  Tristan Thompson went on to talk about this extensively with cleveland.com, “I think it starts with how you dress off the court…This is a billion-dollar business. When the front-office people come to the games, they come in suits, or slacks, or dress shirt or nice-cut jeans. I think it’s the same way with us. Just because we’re the guys that put the jerseys on, doesn’t mean we can’t clean up nice. At the end of the day, you’re a professional and you have to represent yourself.”


“It’s sad to say, but some judge a book by its cover,” Thompson explained. “So if you think about a prototypical athlete, you think about a guy that’s a jock. You think he doesn’t know much. He’s somebody who has God-given talent but doesn’t really know anything else. But we’re trying to change that whole culture, especially myself. I take that real personal. You don’t know whom you’re going to meet. If I meet a gentleman for the first time, he may not know much about me but that I play basketball. If I dress nice, dress maybe even better than him, it gets his attention that I’m serious.”


And serious the Cavalier’s surely are. Will the Cavalier’s new emphasis on suiting up help them supplant the current champion Warriors? If LeBron James and his tailored suits have anything to say about it, the Warriors might want to take a quick team trip to Tom Ford this weekend.

Source: Cleveland.com