Ask Allen: How Do The Saint Laurent Denim And Leather Biker Jeans With Zip Detailing Fit?

August 02, 2014 1
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Anonymous asked: How do the Saint Laurent moto jeans with the zippers fit? I usually wear a 34 in Balmain. What size should I buy a 34 or 36?

Answer: Hi, I’m usually a size 32 in Balmain and I wear a size 32 in that particular Saint Laurent biker/moto pants ($1,390). The only issue that I noticed with the fit of these pants was at the thigh area. These pants don’t stretch or give much, so if you have big athletic thighs I would strongly recommend that you size up. Initially for myself I sought out a size 33 to compare the fit because the size 32 fit a tad bit snug in the thighs, which I ended up sticking with. From a 34 to a 36 is quite a size jump but very normal since brands rarely make a size 35. So to answer your last question on what size you should buy, it ultimately depends on the size of your thighs. If you have big muscular thighs, go with the 36, not so muscular thin thighs, a size 34 should do. I hope this helps.

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