Ask Allen: How Do Balmain Jeans Fit?

January 07, 2014 6

Anonymous Asked: “Hey Allen how do the Balmain jeans fit are they true to size. I am a size 32 and wanted to get them but not sure how the size fits. I’m in between the colour black and blue what you think? Like the blog keep it up.”

Answer: Balmain jeans usually fit true to size but may vary a bit depending on cut. The cuts are usually distinguished by 16cm and 18cm, which refers to the measurement of the hem, with the 16cm (skinny) being tapered and the 18cm (relaxed) more boot-cut. You should also expect the jeans to fit a bit big in the waist, that is normal and merely the design. I prefer a more slim cut, so I like the 16cm stretch skinny denim style. If it’s a decision between the color black and blue, I would buy the blue denim first. It showcases the signature biker detailing more.

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