The Artwork of Jonathan Seliger

October 03, 2011 10

Jonathan Seliger is a New York based artist who earned his BA of Fine Arts from the State University of New York at Binghamton. He’s known for his play on realism and surrealism in unexpected ways, and seems to be inspired by pop art as well. Most of his installations consist of commercial or industrial objects, like shopping bags, takeout boxes, milk cartons, etc. He uses several mediums including oil, acrylic, bronze, canvas, modeling paste, enamel, and copper rope to name a few. Seliger is also admired by various celebrities, and some of you may have noticed one of his pieces in Kanye West’s former residence in Beverly Hills, CA. His works have auctioned for $1,440-$12,500. Check out more of his work below.

Jonathan Seliger

Kanye's former residence in Beverly Hills with Hermes bag made out of bronze by Jonathan Seliger

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