Want To Intern For UpscaleHype?

September 27, 2011 24

Are you passionate about fashion, and obsessed with UpscaleHype? If so, this is your opportunity to write about what you love and gain a wealth of experience as you do it. Find out how below.

The position we’re looking to fill is:

-Writer intern (Internship position that can be promoted into full employment.)

Our requirements are:

-You have a solid writing ability.

-You’re familiar with various brands.

-You’re able to navigate and search the web effectively.

-You have a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

-You have a reliable schedule.

-You’re self-motivated.


Not required but greatly helps:

-You know how to use one of the many image-editing programs like Photoshop.


Here’s what you need to do to apply:

-Send us your up to date resume.

-Send us three sample posts about the latest celebrity fashion, style or luxury news that would likely be featured on UpscaleHype. (Possible post: celebrity outfit ID, product reviews, style tips, latest trends, and fashion/luxury news. Don’t send material that you’ve already written about. And we won’t use these sample posts on the site, they’re just so we can gauge your blogging abilities.)

-List your top 5 favorite brands of all time.

-Tell us a little bit about yourself and background (including age).

-Tell us the position you’re applying for, your location, and schedule-like how many hours a week you can work and your best working time ex: morning, afternoon, evening, night. (Be realistic about what you can commit to.)

Send your application to jobs@upscalehype.com. We’re only reviewing complete applications.

Because of the high volume of emails we receive, we wont be able to immediately respond. If we’re interested, we’ll get in touch.