Nike Unveils “MAG” Shoes From Back to the Future

September 09, 2011 15
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Nike has officially introduced the 2011 MAG, and by doing so they’ve brought the past to the present and future by creating a pair of shoes that  actor Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly) wore in the movie Back to the Future 2. This is Nike’s first rechargeable footwear release with a design closely based on the shoes from the film, and they feature an identical silhouette, automatic lacing, and LED panels that glow for 4 hours after a full charge. These high-top shoes will have a limited release with 1,500 pairs set to be auctioned on eBay through, and the auction will run from September 8th to 18th with 150 pairs available every day. All the proceeds will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation that helps fund Parkinson’s disease cure research. Nike has already pledged to match all donations up to $50 million; currently the bids range from $3,550 to $9,000 for sizes 7-13. Check out videos and see more pics below.