Kanye West Styles With J.Press Tie At His Secret NYC Black-Tie Event

By Kyle O. on
August 14, 2010
video 4

When you’re wearing something as uniform as a suit, it’s really the little things that speak volumes. Kanye West chooses to wear a J.Press black silk knit tie ($80) to complete his Rosewood look. He tweeted about it being the greatest tie of all time a few weeks back, a statement I find hard to believe due to the fact that he throws the phrase behind everything he mentions. Yet still it’s a great tie, works well with the suit and you must appreciate its texture, pattern and style. Also, in the picture above, Kanye can be seen wearing Oliver People “Daddy B” sunglasses ($325). Check out more pics & a video from his secret NYC Event below.

Pics from event via: Heather